Monday, 21 November 2011

South Melbourne in FIFA 12... sorta

If you have the FIFA 12 game for xbox, ps3 or pc, you can also play as South Melbourne - albeit only in exhibition matches, online friendlies and user-created tournaments.

To access this service, you have to visit the FIFA 12 site, sign in, and select the 'Creation Centre' under the 'Play Now' tab. You then do a search for South Melbourne, where you should be taken to a section where there are several South Melbourne sides available, including one by our old friend Cliff. Select the one you want, and bookmark it. When you next connect online to your game on your console, select 'Creation Centre' and download the teams.

There are also other former National Soccer League teams, including extensive if arbitrary selections by users named 'NSL Warrior' and Australian soccer forum veteran ZimzuM - Parramatta Melita Eagles have a team, but their Maltese cousins Sunshine George Cross do not. Add the of course already in Perth Glory to the list, as well as several random teams - yes, there's an Inter Monaro team available to download - and you can go back to the hazy, crazy days of the NSL in your own self made tournament, albeit with completely unrealistic crowds.

Another side of the unrealistic nature of this scenario is that the teams tend to be greatly overpowered, being mostly in the range of 4 1/2 stars, which I suppose helps you play against people who insist on using Barcelona, Manchester United etc. One wonders why people insist on full licensing when 3/4 of the online crowd pick the usual teams.

I suppose it doesn't matter - what counts is that there's people out there having a go at some sort of tailoring this game, and South of the Border is proud to promote these people's initiative.


  1. There's also an NSL tournament that's been set up.

    Search for 'Australian NSL' in the tournaments section.

  2. It's probably the only reason I buy FIFA, otherwise, Pro Evolution is much better

  3. Really struggling with FIFA 12, defending is a nightmare. Tried the demos of FIFA and the latest Pro-Evo. I hadn't touched Pro-Evo since about 2008, and while it has its own character, it still had too many problems and idiosyncrasies for me to be persuaded back there.

  4. NSLWarrior's teams are the best to download: badges, kits, squads are all accurate. The Australian NSL on FIFA 12 is unbelievably well put together. South v Knights, South v Heidelberg, South v Olympic, South v Marconi, South v Adel City are my favourites. Great stuff

  5. Yes, NSL Warrior has done a wonderful job.

  6. You wrote that you can only use these NSL teams in friendlies and user created tournaments, but if you download the Australian NSL league you can use it in career mode


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